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Meeting #2 - June 15, 2004

Meeting commenced at 7:05.

The eveningís agenda was approved.

Minutes from the May 17, 2004 meeting were approved.

MVP plaques left over from last yearís championships were distributed.  Coaches and Team Reps were asked to bring orders for next yearís ribbons and pads to the August meeting.

There was no Treasurerís Report.

Diving Championships:

This yearís dive champs will be held July 21 and 22 at Ben Franklin.  Ellen Mace will be meet director.  A diving clinic was held last week for all diving parents.

Coaches need to submit rosters no later than July 1.  Dive sheets for Championships are needed no later than July 14.

There is new diving software available for coaches.  This means that each team will not need table workers.  Printed forms will be generated for each diver, and this will enable championship meets to move much faster.

Officialís Clinic

Two officialís clinics will be provided for PASDA parents this year.  One will be held at Nassau on June 19 at 9:00.  The next will be held at Cranbury on Wednesday at 6:30.

Small rule books will given to everyone who attends.

For championships, the number of officials should be the same as the largest number of relays for each session!

Swimming Championships:

Information will be available on the Besmartt, Inc website.  If you submit your entries via e-mail, make sure that the check will go out at the same time.  If you enter your team electronically, the verification sheets will be e-mailed to you. 

Timing assignments will be split.  Each team is responsible for their own watches.  There will be no coaches meeting on July 27.

The final PASDA meeting will be held on August 4 at the Lawrenceville Library at 7:00.

Relays and 100 I.M.ís will start from the scoreboard side of the pool.  10 and unders will not use the blocks on both sides of the pool for their relays.

 New Business:

There was some discussion of swim-team only memberships in relation to PASDA. In the by-laws, it states that a swimmer must not be recruited by any means other than a normal membership drive.

The website is being updated.  Schedules are listed, and hopefully meet results can be listed as well.

Jim Devlinís e-mail is: swwimdad@comcast.net. Team coaches can e-mail the results the night of the meet or the following morning.

A nominating committee needs volunteers for the August elections.

 Old Business:

No team can start swimming on June 29 without insurance certificates. Certificates for Championships are due July 12 for paper entries and July 14 for disc entries. No team can participate in Championships at Rutgers without these certificates.

 Meeting concluded at 8:05pm