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Meeting #4 - June 15, 2005 

The meeting commenced at 7:05.

 The agenda was approved.

 Diving coaches gathered in the hallway to receive their information packets.

 Rulebooks are available from USSwimming.

 Ribbons cost us $3800 this year; they were packaged in 200ís instead of 50ís.

We only needed to buy a few medals this year, because we had so many left over from last year.

 The minutes were accepted with minor changes.

 Treasurerís report:

 PASDA has $5,533 in the account right now. This will be higher after swim and dive championships.

 Dual meets:

 Coaches need to report back to Jim Devlin within 48 hours with the meet results. This way, we can check our standings on the website.

 All teams need to include directions on the website if you have not already done so.

 ďAĒ and ďBĒ meet scoresheets are now in downloadable forms on the website.

 Officialís clinics:

There were not nearly enough parents at the officialís clinics this year. Lenape is scheduled for tomorrow night. There is a raindate: Saturday, the 25 at 9:00.

Next year, we will return to the two clinic formatóone will be at Nassau and one at another place.

The minimum age of PASDA officials will now be eighteen. It is not possible for an official to swim the same meet he or she is officiating. (Unless he or she is swimming in the morning of PASDA championships and officiating that afternoon.)


July 20, Dive Championships will be held at the College of New Jersey.

July 26, Swim Championships will be held at the College of New Jersey.

Insurance certificates can mention both dates. Please do no hand in your entries without an insurance certificate. Entries are due 11 of July for paper entries and July 14 for electronic entries/

Ellenís fax number is: 609-587-7751

They can also be hand delivered to Ellenís house

Rosters are due by June 27.

New Business:

The mini-meet may be held on July 10 at Peddie School. If so, entries will be due by July 1.  The security staff at Peddie is concerned about the parking, so weíre not sure itís a go yet.

Teams who are interested in the meet: West Windsor, LSA, Lenape, Ben Franklin, Twin Rivers, Brooktree, Hamilton, Ravine, TCC, Cranbury, Nassau, Country Pool, Community Park, PennBrook, Hopewell Golf and Hopewell Tennis.

Dues Increase. Next year, the fee for both swimming and diving at PASDA will be $200 a team. Swim only will be $150.

Papers will not be distributed at future PASDA meetings. You can download anything you need from the website.

We will reinstate the open 100ís at Championships this year. They will not be scored and medals will not be awarded, however.

Jim Devlin has developed a roster form that will also help coaches with meet lineups. This can also be downloaded from the PASDA website. Besmartt website has downloadable files with new events included. Team manager lite can be taken from either the hy-tek or the Besmartt sites.

Jim also requests that teams update the directions that are posted on the PASDA website.

Nominating committee: We need new people for next year. Anyone who is interested in joining the PASDA board, please feel free to contact Jim Devlin.

Old Business: none

Meeting concluded at 8:30