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Meeting #3 - August 4, 2004

7:08 the meeting commenced

There was an addition to the agenda: there was a proposal to designate a nominating committee

The agenda was accepted.

Orders for next yearís ribbons and scorepads were requested.

The minutes from the last meeting were accepted.

Treasurerís report:

As of August 3, 2004, there is $15,592.26 on hand


There were two undefeated teams this year: Community Park in Division I and Cranbury in Division II. Cranbury will move up to Division I next year, and Flemington-Raritan will move down.

LSA will host next yearís Diving Clinic on Saturday, June 18.

The Division I schedule for dual meets: June 29, July 6, July 11.

The Division II schedule for dual meets: June 27, June 29, July 6, July 11, July 13.

Raindates will be: July 8, July 15, and July 18.

Team rosters are due no later than June 22. 

West Windsor may possibly run an off-age invitational.

Cranbury or Community Park may host Championships. Peddie also has an indoor facility which may be available.  Championships are tentatively scheduled for July 21 for a one-day meet and July 20-21 for a two day meet.


Division I                               Division II                            Division III

Ben Franklin                          Lawrenceville                    Bedens Brook
Community Park                  Lenape                              Hopewell Valley Golf
Cranbury                              Penn Brook                        Hopewell Valley Tennis
Flemington-Raritan              Brooktree                           Miry Run
Hamilton                               Cherry Valley                     Ravine
Nassau                                  Twin Rivers                          Trenton Country Club
West Windsor                                                                    Country Pool

 Swim Championships:  

The morning session at Rutgers ran well, but the afternoon was delayed for over two hours due to bad weather.  PASDA is looking at Trenton State and Princeton University for next yearís Championships.  Thank you to Cranbury for hosting the rest of this yearís Championships.  Perhaps entries can be increased to cover the cost of a more expensive venue.

2005 host teams will be: Nassau, Brooktree and Twin Rivers

This yearís marshalling was not successful due to the host teamís lack of preparation.  More communication between the marshallers and the deck was suggested.

2005 Schedule:

June 28, June 30, July 5, July 7, July 12, July 14, July 19, and raindate July 21

Championships are tentatively scheduled for July 26 or July 27

Old Business:

Next year there will be five officialís clinics instead of two.  Jeff Mace is requesting that every team sends at least ONE person to one clinic. The following pools have volunteered to host a clinic: Lenape, Nassau, Hopewell Golf, Community Park and Country Pool. 

It was noted that as PASDA uses the US Swimming by-laws, that alcohol is NOT allowed at any meets.

New Business:

Peggy Feuerstein was nominated to be the PASDA diving representative.

The exclusion of alcoholic beverages at meets will be added to the existing PASDA by-laws.

The May meeting will be held the week of May 23.

The June meeting will be the week of June 14.

The August meeting will be held the week of August 3.

Jim Devlin proposed a nominating committee be formed to develop a PASDA board from all three divisions.  Jim feels that he is running out of people to approach for board positions.  A rotation of teams responsible for nominating people was suggested.

It was agreed that PASDA would contribute to the American Cancer Society in memory of Janet Nystrom, Bruce Nystromís wife who passed away on July 20 from cancer.

The meeting was concluded at 8:35.